Jumaat, Julai 11, 2008

Beruang Rusa Bukit Rengit

Ramai yang tidak tahu berhampiran Kuala Gandah terdapat sebuah kawasan eko-pelancongan yang menarik iaitu taman rusa serta beruang jinak di Bukit Rengit yang sedia menanti kedatangan pelancong. Aku sempat meninjau tempat itu seketika waktu. menarik sekali.

p/s: minta maaf kerana masalah yang tidak dapat dielakkan, blog ini tidak dapat dikemaskini mengikut jadual.


VISITORS can expect a unique experience at Deerland Park situated on a 4ha site at Kampung Sokmik in Bukit Rengit, Lanchang.

The trip starts with a warm greeting at the entrance by park owner Abdullah Ahmad Mahmud, 56, and his family members, including Abdullah’s eldest daughter Herlina.

Opened in 1996, the park is divided into two sections – Animal World and Nature Park – for visitors to enjoy the flora and fauna in a serene environment.

Abdullah said that visitors could start the visit by feeding animals such as sun bears, snakes, deer, monkeys, rabbits, mousedeer, birds and ostriches.

He said that feeding the animals was a unique experience as visitors could make body contact.

“Children love to feel the animals here but parents must supervise them at all times.
“My workers go on rounds from time to time as the area is big and there are many chores,” he said in an interview.

Abdullah said that visitors could take a guided walk along the herb trail and learn about medicinal plants in the jungle.

He said they could make arrangements to have lunch by the river and participate have fun by swinging across the river on a network of ropes.

”We also provide camping facilities for those who intend to stay overnight.

“ Visitors can learn to use a blowpipe, watch birds, go on jungle and river trekking, learn jungle survival skills and go for night walks,” he said.

Abdullah said the number of visitors had increased over the years with over 37,000 people recorded last year, including many foreigners.

He said that plans were in the pipeline to enhance facilities at the park.
“I started it as a hobby as my wife and I are nature lovers.

“Before we embarked on the park, we sold venison to restaurants,” he said, adding that they withdrew their savings of RM300,000 to turn their deer farm into a park.
Abdullah said he was proud as the proprietor and hoped his children would continue the legacy.

“It was not easy to get permits for the animals and approval from authorities to set up the place,” he said.

The park is open daily from 10.30am to 5.30pm except Fridays.
For more information, call 09-279 7249 or Herlina at 013-967 6242/013-988 1345.

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